Climbing Elbrus in Style: LEAPRus Barrel Huts at 3,912 meters

You’re well on your way to conquering the 7 summits. You’ve already climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa. Maybe you’ve summited Aconcagua in South America and Denali in Alaska too. Regardless of what order you do them in, the road to the 7th summit Everest, always goes through Mt. Elbrus, Europe’s highest mountain.

You’ve probably read up on some of the unique characteristics of Mt. Elbrus. It’s in Russia, specifically the North Caucasus Mountains. It’s a dormant volcano. As a part of acclimatization, you take the cable car lifts up to base camp. Base camp is a small village of “barrrel huts”, where climbers from around the world prepare for their summit day in what can best be described as spartan conditions.

Until now. Until LEAPRus. Eco-Hotel LEAPRus 3912 has put Mt. Elbrus’s base camp on the map among alpinists, designers, and architects from around the world.

Here are 3 reasons why you should stay in the LEAPRus 3912 Barrel Huts on your Mt. Elbrus climb:

1. Comfort and Accessibility – Where else in the world can you actually enjoy your stay at such a high elevation? LEAPRus provides comfortable living quarters with 24 bunks in two separate modules. Each module has a sitting area and the dining module almost feels like home.

Probably the biggest perk of LEAPRus is working WIFI, the only barrel hut on the mountain to be able to make this claim. No need to worry about being out of touch with your family or loved ones for your 72-96 hr. stay in LEAPRus. If you’ve got a pressing work deadline to meet before your climb, you can get it done here!

Staying in LEAPRus gives you peace of mind that you’ll have a comfortable, warm room to sleep in each night, so important as you prepare for your summit. Don’t underestimate the importance of this, as you typically stay at base camp 3-4 nights before summiting Elbrus; maximize your chance of success and choose comfort. Even “glamping” experts are giving it the credit it’s due!

2. Unrivaled views of the mountains – At the end of each LEAPRus module, are jaw-dropping views of the surrounding Caucasus Mountain range through floor-to-ceiling windows. This only adds to the enjoyment of your experience, to take in the beauty of the area from the comfort of your living quarters.

Many other barrel huts have no windows on their sleeping quarters. You’ll be able to capture the magnificent Caucasus sunrises and sunsets on your phone (and show to your loved ones!) without even having to go outside.

3. Quiet, undisturbed location – LEAPRus has an ideal location compared to the rest of the barrel huts. Over 100 meters further up the mountain from the chair lifts, you’ll be sleeping away from the hustle and bustle of the main barrel hut hub and crowds of tourists milling around each day. LEAPRus was designed by the Italian architect firm LEAPFactory, which stands for Living, Ecological, Alpine Pod. LEAPFactory builds modern, efficient living structures to weather extreme environments and leave minimal impact on the environment. This is evident as the area in which LEAPRus rests was largely undisturbed by its placement, as can be watched here. You’ll enjoy quiet evenings hearing nothing but the powerful mountain winds around you.

Ready to book a spot in LEAPRus for your Elbrus climb? LEAPRus requires full payment for your 3-4 night stay, as space is limited and in demand. If you’re interested in reserving spots in Leaprus for the base camp portion of your Mt. Elbrus climb, we would love to help you out! Check out our 4-star private group climb options as well as extended tours of Moscow and St. Petersburg after your Elbrus climb. Piecing together an Elbrus climb and LEAPRus stay without a local operator helping you out can get really confusing really fast, so let us know if we can help!

Climb Mt. Elbrus in style and stay in LEAPRus!

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