Azerbaijan Trekking Trio

9 days / 8 nights :: FOR PRIVATE TOURS


Whether you fly in to Azerbaijan’s capital Baku this morning or arrived yesterday, you’ll meet your guide at a pre-arranged point in Baku, then take off for the scenic, 3-hour drive to Guba. Your guide will complete final shopping for supplies in Guba and you’ll proceed on the 2-hour drive to Khinalig village, where you will check in to your guesthouse for the night and eat lunch. After lunch you’ll take a 6 km acclimatization hike to Mount Kharibulbul (2783 meters) and return to the guest house for the night, sleeping at 2150 meters altitude (7050 feet).  The village of Khinalig is renowned for its hospitality towards guests and you’ll enjoy some authentic mountain cuisine today. 


After breakfast at the guesthouse you’ll drive in 4×4 vehicles through Shahdag National Park, where you’ll stop along the way at Shahyaylag to take in amazing panoramic views of Azerbaijan’s 4,000 meter peaks. The drive continues for 1 hour to the foothills of Shahdag  Mountain, where you’ll take your pack and continue on foot for 1 hour (2km) to base camp at 3,100 meters. Upon arrival at base camp, you’ll set up your tents, have lunch, and set out for a 2-hr acclimatization hike to 3,500 meters. You’ll want to retire early and get a good night’s sleep before your 4:00 am wake up call and first summit climb!


Its Summit Day! You have a 5 to 6 hour climb ahead of you, so you will wake up at 4:00 am and start the ascent to Shahdag Summit (4243 meters) at 5:00 am. After reaching the summit and taking in the views (and lots of pictures!) you’ll start the 3 to 4 hour descent back to base camp. You’ll have a meal, take a nap, and spend the evening relaxing (after all you deserve it!).


You get to sleep in today! After waking up and having breakfast, you’ll pack up your gear, and descend to the car. From there you will drive 1 hour in 4×4 vehicles to Bazarduzu’s lower base camp, grab your packs, and continue on foot 2 hours (4 km) along the Yatig River to upper base camp. Horse porters are included to carry the majority of your gear from lower to upper base camp. Upon arrival, you’ll set up your tents, have lunch, and rest for the evening before your next summit tomorrow! *If needed, per guide’s discretion, you may have a 2nd acclimatization hike this afternoon. 


Its your second Summit Day! You have a 6 to 7 hour climb ahead of you, so you will wake up at 4:00 am for breakfast, then start the ascent to Bazarduzu Summit (4466 meters). After reaching the summit and taking in the views (and yes, more pictures!) of the neighboring region of Dagestan (Russia), you’ll continue 1 hour on foot to Zafar Summit (4301 meters). From there, you’ll start the 3 to 4 hour descent back to upper base camp to rest for the evening.


This morning you’ll wake up around 8:00 am, pack up your gear, and descend to lower base camp. From there you will continue on foot for 3-4 hours (11 km) to the camp located near Tufan Lake. Horse porters are included to take the majority of your gear from upper base camp to the Tufan Lake camp. You’ll set up your tents one final time and rest for the evening before your final summit tomorrow!


Its your third Summit Day! You have a 5 to 6 hour climb ahead of you, so you will wake up (again!) at 4:00 am, have breakfast, and start the ascent to Tufandag Summit (4191 meters) around 5:00 am. After reaching the summit and taking in the views (and, of course, more pictures!) you’ll start the 3 to 4 hour descent back to base camp where you can sit back and relax for the evening!


You can sleep in a bit today before packing your tents and gear to hike to the 4×4 vehicles and return to a guest house in Khinalig village for a final taste of local cuisine rural culture. Horse porters are included to carry the majority of your gear from Tufan Lake camp to the 4×4 vehicles.


Pack your bags and say goodbye for now to the Caucasus, a place we hope you will come back to for another adventure very soon. After breakfast we’ll transfer you back to Baku, where you’ll either fly out of the airport back home, or spend another night in before flying home tomorrow. We hope to see you again soon!

  • One summit attempt
  • All transportation: Baku – Guba – Khinalig – Shahdag – Bazarduzu – Khinalig – Baku (Van transport between Baku and Khinalig; 4×4 transport between Khinalig and base camps of each summit)
  • Meals in Khinalig Guest house: 2 breakfasts (Days 2 & 9) & 2 dinners (Days 1 & 8)
  • Lodging – 2 nights in Khinalig guest home (Days 1 & 8)
  • Lodging – 6 nights in tent (Day 2-7, two people per tent)
  • Group expedition equipment (ropes, first aid kit, communications, etc.)
  • Cooking Equipment: 1 gas burner and 1 gas cylinder per tent
  • Professional and experienced English-speaking mountain guides, 1:7 guide-to-client ratio
  • Horse Porters for Personal Gear on Day 4 & 6 ascent/descent between lower & upper Bazarduzu base camps; Day 6 & 8 lower base camp to/from Tufan Lake camp: 15 kg (33 lbs)/person
  • Obtaining permits to Shahdag National Park & Border Zone w/ Russia
  • Extensive pre-trip planning, customization, & customer service
  • International airfare
  • Tourist visa on a per-country basis (e-visa required for most Western countries, less than $30)
  • Rental of personal trekking gear (see required gear list)
  • Additional services requested at hotels (spa/banya, etc.)
  • Meals on Bazarduzu & Shahdag: Must provide one’s own Freeze-Dried Food (Breakfast on Day 3-8, Lunches on Days 2-7)
  • Meals while traveling to/from Khinalig: Breakfast on Day 1; Lunch on Days 1, 8 & 9
  • Any change to the program that requires extra expense (any departure from the itinerary will be booked by you at your own expense)
  • Additional beverages at meals (non-alcoholic and alcoholic)
  • Personal Insurance (not required)
  • Tips for guides, drivers & meals

Items marked “Rental” are available for rent from our local partners:

Climbing Gear:

  • Climbing Backpack (40-80 liters) – Rental
  • Summit Day Pack (10-30 liters) – Rental
  • Head lamp (with extra batteries) – Rental
  • Crampons – Rental
  • Trekking poles – Rental
  • 2/3-person Tent – INCLUDED
  • Sleeping bag (-10 deg C) – Rental
  • Sleeping pad – Rental
  • Cooking Pot (for boiling water & cooking freeze-dried food) – Rental

Upper Body:

  • Hard shell jacket (Gore-Tex or equivalent) – Rental
  • Light/Mid-weight insulated “puffy” jacket
  • Fleece hoodie/pullover – Rental
  • Synthetic base layer
  • Synthetic t-shirts

Lower Body:

  • Synthetic trekking pants – Rental
  • Synthetic/wool thermal long underwear
  • Synthetic/wool underwear
  • Gaiters (required) – Rental 

Hands and Feet:

  • Synthetic/wool hiking socks
  • Hiking boots/shoes (Goretex or equivalent) – Rental
  • Heavyweight gloves
  • Mid/lightweight gloves – Rental
  • Camp shoes (sneakers or sandals)


  • Balaclava/buff
  • Beanie – Rental
  • Helmet – Rental
  • Category 4 Glacier Sunglasses (100% UV protection) – Rental


  • Personal first-aid kit
  • Prescription meds (inhaler, EpiPen, etc.)
  • Personal toiletries & sunscreen
  • Battery pack & cords for device charging
  • Insulated water bottle/thermos – Rental
  • Gas Cooker (for boiling water & cooking freeze-dried food) – INCLUDED
  • Mess Tin/Cutlery – plate/bowl, fork/spoon
  • Gas Canister(s) – INCLUDED
  • Freeze-dried food

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Azerbaijan Trekking Trio Pricing

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*As a US based company, all prices are in US Dollars, per person. We accept payment in US dollars at the exchange rate in affect at the time of payment. Refer to our Payment Options document for further details on various methods of payment.

*Economic Pricing includes: 3-star guest home in Khinalig Days 1 & 8, tents at each base camp, and providing your own freeze-dried food for Days 2-8.

*For single rooms, a single supplement fee will be applied.

*Contact us for larger group pricing.

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