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Please fill out the following information, required for finalizing your reservations.
More information may be requested upon arrival.


Please provide the nationality and full names of all travelers (adults and children) as on passport:









Since we are a US based company, all our prices are in US dollars.  We accept payment in US dollars at the exchange rate in effect at the time of payment. If the exchange rate fluctuates more than 15% (either up or down) from the time of deposit, Caucasus Quest Tours reserves the right to reprice the trip. Refer to our Payment Options document for further details on various methods of payment. A single supplement applies to individual travelers who wish a private room throughout the trip.


REGULAR TOURS:  Tours which are booked 60 or more days before the tour start date require a $300 non-refundable deposit per traveler. This is essentially a tour initiation fee so our team and in-country tour partners can start making reservations, holding rooms, arranging guides and creating documentation. An additional deposit may be required with notice from your salesperson if an accommodation or service you request has a non-refundable deposit policy. Payment of the final balance will be due 45 days prior to departure.

POSTPONEMENTS:  Tours can be postponed free of charge if done so at least 45 days before the start of the tour. We recommend getting cancelation insurance as a precautionary measure. When deciding to book, please take into consideration whether your schedule is likely to change due to ill health or family member’s ill health (or other factors) and decide accordingly. Please also read COVID-19 Addendum at the end of this document. You will have a 24-month period from the date of your previously booked tour to postpone the trip free of charge (you will still be required to pay a $300 deposit towards the booking of your new dates; the original deposit will be deducted from your final cost). 

If you must cancel your reservation after making a deposit or payment the following cancellation fees apply.

Services Rendered/Days before Tour Cancellation fee/Refund per person
Cancel 0 - 35 days before Tour 25% of total Invoice is refundable
Cancel 36 - 45 days before Tour 75% of total Invoice is refundable
Cancel 45+ days before Tour $300 per person deposit is forfeited

At our discretion the deposit may not be accepted if we feel we are unable to provide the services as requested. For example - a month may be overbooked, or the inquiry may be made at too late a date to process the request. When you make the $300 non-refundable deposit, you confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and authorize us to begin the reservation process and undertake expenses on your behalf.

If the FINAL BALANCE of the trip cost is not received by the date due in our office, we reserve the right to cancel your trip. Our cancellation policy automatically applies.

LAST MINUTE TOURS: Tours which are booked less than 60 days before the tour start date require full payment of the total estimated amount of the tour invoice, due at 45 days or once the reservations details are confirmed.

If you must cancel your reservation after making a deposit or payment the following cancellation fees apply.

Services Rendered/Days before Tour Cancellation fee/Refund per person
Cancel 0 – 35 days before Tour 25% of total invoice is refundable
Cancel 36 - 45 days before Tour 75% of total invoice is refundable

Reduction in Group size:  If some member or members of a private tour party cancel, the increased per person cost to run the tour for the reduced number of members will be calculated by your Caucasus Quest Tours sales agent.  The increase in cost per person will need to be covered by the remaining travelers or the cancelling member(s).

Security & Emergency Cancellations: Caucasus Quest Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour at any time if we feel that the safety of the travelers may be compromised.  Very rarely, we may be forced by threatened war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, pandemic, fire and all similar events outside our control, to change or cancel your tour.  This is extremely unlikely but if this situation does occur, we will offer a total refund - less the $300 non-refundable deposit and any non-refundable payments made to the local suppliers.  (See COVID-19 addendum at the end of this document.)

Further, Caucasus Quest Tours reserves the right to cancel the tour if the client is found to be participating in any illegal activities as determined by the host country.


Once tour reservations are confirmed, customization or change requests may not be accepted if we feel we are unable to provide the services as requested. A month may be overbooked, for example, or the request made at too late a date to be accommodated. If a change is granted, a client will be expected to pay the administration fee of USD $50 (per hotel) as well as any fees or cost differences required to re-arrange transport, accommodations, etc.


To protect your investment, we recommend you obtain CANCELLATION insurance. We also recommend that you buy TRAVEL insurance and MEDICAL EMERGENCY insurance to supplement your existing health insurance.  Though there is local insurance in place, held by those serving you, it is in your own interest that you are covered in case of an accident and/or for any medical emergency or medical assistance you may require while abroad.  Caucasus Quest Tours cannot be held liable or responsible for any losses incurred because of flight changes, cancellations, personal/family medical emergencies or illnesses and any other situations over which we have no control. ***Our local partners at Mt. Kazbek REQUIRE mountaineering-specific travel insurance and will not allow a trip to begin without proof of insurance. 


Travel Documents:  The traveler assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases Caucasus Quest Tours from, any duty of checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination or other entry requirements for each destination, and the care of such documents during the tour.

Luggage Liability: Though we will exercise all reasonable care to assist you, Caucasus Quest Tours shall assume no liability for loss or damages to luggage during any part of the trip/tour.  Clients may choose to insure their luggage.

Caucasus Quest Tours shall not be liable for theft or damages incurred by the client's own neglect or owing to any of the following or similar reasons:

  • • Alteration or cancellation of the tour itinerary due to such causes as natural disaster, war, disturbances, uprisings or similar conditions
  • • Accidents or fire related to transportation, accommodation facilities, etc., or alteration or cancellation of the tour itinerary due to such causes
  • • Accidents occurring during your free time or leisure time activities
  • • Delays, stoppages, alterations of schedule or route in relation to transportation services, and alterations of the tour itinerary or reduced time at destinations due to such causes
  • • Any causes which are beyond the control of Caucasus Quest Tours and/or the agents in charge of making the tour arrangements


Consistent with the example of the "Good Samaritan" emergency assistance will be given by Caucasus Quest Tours in the spirit of expressing love and concern for our clients while our overseas guests.  Such assistance is not to be interpreted in any way as an admission of liability. Caucasus Quest Tours is NOT liable for any illness on tour. It is to be seen as an emergency loan, which we trust the client will be able to reimburse to Caucasus Quest Tours from their travelers or medical insurance. We will supply full documentation of the expenses to the client.  No service charge will be added.

It is understood and accepted that travel in the foreign countries where Caucasus Quest Tours facilitates making travel arrangements, using local service agents and service providers, carries with it certain risks. Though Caucasus Quest Tours exercises every care in the selection of the service agents used, it is not possible to accept liability for the outcome of personal decisions made by the clients.  Please provide for yourself the insurance you feel is appropriate for the activities you anticipate doing.


Clients are held personally responsible for their participation in any illegal activities as per the laws of the host country they are visiting.  Caucasus Quest Tours assumes no liability or culpability for any illegal activity in which the client chooses to participate.  Dissatisfaction about arrangements or services made/delivered overseas must be made as soon as the complaint or claim arises, and with those involved in the incident or situation.   Please immediately inform us.

Changes in Hotel Reservations initiated by the client:  Should a client wish to change a hotel reservation for any reason, Caucasus Quest Tours is to be informed and will assist in making the change if so requested.

  • • If Caucasus Quest Tours makes and pays for the new reservations, the client will then be liable for the total of the cancellation fee charged by the first hotel, plus the actual difference in the cost of the lodgings as shown by invoices received in the local office plus a $50 booking fee.
  • • If the client makes and pays the new hotel directly, the client will be refunded the amount recovered from the first hotel, if any, minus any cancellation fees.  If the first hotel is not notified of the change in time, as determined by the hotel, there will be no refund.
  • • If the client fails to inform Caucasus Quest Tours and makes changes, then the original bookings will be non-refundable.

Missed Connections:  A flight connection may be missed due to a late arrival at the point of departure.  If the client has not provided, as requested by Caucasus Quest Tours, the “Required Client Information” document, including departure details, Caucasus Quest Tours will not be liable.

Unresolved Complaints or Claims:  If the complaint or claim is not resolved to the client's satisfaction, the client must document the complaint or claim in writing by giving/sending a copy to the local representative of the agency serving us in country, with a copy to Caucasus Quest Tours, North Carolina Office no later than 60 days following the scheduled completion date of the tour. The client agrees and accepts this condition and waives the right to register any complaint or claim more than 60 days following the scheduled completion date of the tour.

COVID 19 Addendum: As a result of COVID-19, we have made significant changes to our Terms & Conditions to provide maximum flexibility and minimal financial risk to the client. If we cannot offer a tour and have to cancel due to COVID-19, we will follow our Terms and Conditions Security and Emergency Cancelation policy.

In the countries we provide services to, society is not always masking or social distancing. Please take this into consideration before booking your tour with us. We are unable to control if others mask/social distance or not, whether in hotels, public places, restaurants, vehicles, etc. 

At all times, we do ask that you observe any local or national restrictions/requirements regarding masking, gloves, and social distancing.  This is in your best interest to have an enjoyable experience!  Law enforcement may be arbitrary in enforcing this in various places. 

Caucasus Quest Tours cannot be held responsible for a client being infected with Covid-19 while on tour with us.


When you make the $300 non-refundable deposit, you confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions AND the COVID-19 Addendum.

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