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Climbing Kazbek and Kilimanjaro: Comparing two 5,000 meter peaks

In our experience, many trekkers & climbers with any international experience have likely summited Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, based on its relative accessibility and the mountain’s reputation for being the “easiest” of the Seven Summits.  Following a successful summit of Kilimanjaro, most climbers will turn their attention to more technical peaks to gain more high-altitude experience & skills. Enter Mt. Kazbek.  Despite Kazbek being several hundred meters lower than Kilimanjaro, there are a lot of reasons why this “Pearl of the

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More Than a Climb: 10 Fun Facts about Mt Elbrus

Within the international climbing community, Mt. Elbrus is well-known as Europe’s highest peak, or one of the 7 Summits.  But how well-known is it outside of the climbing community?  In my experience, not very!  There are actually lots of interesting

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Your Travel Guide to Ingushetia: Land of the Towers!

They say that good things come in small packages.  This is definitely the case with Ingushetia!  Despite being Russia’s smallest state, Ingushetia is well-worth a visit for its beautiful mountain landscapes, ancient towers, and unique cultural traditions.  Keep reading for

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Visual Gear List for Mount Elbrus

Climbing Gear Summit Pack (25 – 30 Liter) available for rent Your summit pack is the backpack you will climb with on summit day. It should be large enough to hold your extra layers and gear as well as water

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