October 2019

Is The North Caucasus Safe?

With all the different events going on in the world today, an obvious thing to consider before you travel is the safety of the country you will be in. HOW SAFE IS THE RUSSIAN CAUCASUS RIGHT NOW? From our years of experience, we have found that it is highly unlikely that you will be put in any danger in the North Caucasus region of Russia. Our two American representatives on the ground have lived a combined 9 years in the …

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7 Things You Should Know Before Climbing Mt. Elbrus

“Trusted tips from an experienced mountain guide” So, you have heard the call of the mountains and want to climb Mount Elbrus? The allure of this mountain, standing at 5642 meters (18,510 feet), draws thousands every year, seeking to ascend to its snowy heights. It is the highest mountain in Europe, making it one of the famed “7 Summits” (the name used to refer to the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents). Whether you are still considering this …

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Caucasus Travel Updates?